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Yes, those are Westies on our logo.  We had a Westie several years ago and loved her and her fun personality.  When designing a logo we both thought Westies would be perfect!

{Sewing Machines}
My mom and I actually have the exact same machine, a Husquevarna-Viking Sapphire.  We purposefully chose matching machines, it makes sewing at each other's house so much easier when we're both familiar with the same machine.  We started off with much more basic sewing machines, then a few years ago, when we decided to pursue sewing much more seriously, we upgraded.  We've had some ups and downs with our machines, we're not sure what we'll be getting next time.

{Sewing Machine Recommendation}
Since each person has a different need and budget, it is difficult to recommend any one sewing machine.  However, a great way to choose a machine is to visit a sewing machine shop (quilt shops, sewing and vacuum shops, and even larger chain fabric stores often sell sewing machines).  This will give you an opportunity to try out a variety of machines, learn about them from a specialist, and make a more informed decision.  Also, be sure to ask about warranties, repairs, and classes.  Often the shop will repair a machine for free for a period after purchase, offer free or discounted classes to the purchaser, and even help you troubleshoot problems.

{Pattern Terms of Use}
Patterns are for personal, non-commercial use only. Small, handmade shops, run by individuals in their homes, may sell bags made from our patterns under the following terms:

- Pattern must have been purchased by the seller at retail price
- Item must be sewn by the seller on a small scale only
- Credit for the pattern must be given (a link is preferred, but not required)
- No mass production of any sort is allowed.

We think the handmade market is amazing and would love for our bags to be available, not only as patterns, but also as finished products.  If you have a handmade shop and will be selling our bags, please feel free to e-mail so that we can add your shop to our directory.

{Tutorial Terms of Use}
Tutorials are for personal, non-commercial use only.  However, you may purchase a tutorial license here that will authorize you to make items from a specific tutorial for sale under the same terms as pdf patterns.  Please note: one license per tutorial is required.

Yes, we do some product reviews on our blog (we have no intention of making this a review based blog).  However, all these products are things we've purchased with our own money and we are not affiliated with any of the product manufacturers.  In the event we have received some form of compensation for the review we will be sure to note it in the post.  At this time we are may be interested in reviewing quilting, sewing, and other related products, please contact us if you are interested.

Much like our reviews, our Shopaholic column are also items we purchased ourselves.  We love handmade and love to shop handmade, so, of course, we're happy to share our finds with our readers.  If you have an item that you think may interest us, please let us know as we're always looking for new things.

Currently, most of our giveaways are all products either handmade or purchased by us.  Any sponsored giveaways are listed as such in the giveaway post.  If you're interested in sponsoring a giveaway feel free to e-mail us.

We are offering advertising as of October 2010.  If you're interested in a spot, read more details here.

We love having our work pinned by readers, but we ask that you please follow the following guidelines:
  1. Only pin pictures of our projects or tutorials, never personal pictures of our children and grandchildren.
  2. When pinning tutorial photos, please only pin photos of the completed project.
  3. Always link back to our blog or website, and the specific post of the picture, for more details on proper Pinterest Etiquette, see this post.
  4. We appreciate you tagging us {@cloverandviolet} in your pin.
  5. If you pin one of our photos, we'd love for you to leave a comment telling us about it!

If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask and we'll do our best to answer!