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Monday, May 11, 2009

I Heart Jane Austen (and purses)

I am a big fan of Jane Austen. Ever since I was a girl and was given Sense and Sensibility by a librarian, I have been in love. I've read all of her six major novels (and intend to read her other work, I'm just saving it for a rainy day) repeatedly. I've watched all the movies, and definitely have my favorites (A&E Emma, S&S, A&E Pride and Prejudice, and of course Persuasion). Not only do I love the stories, I love the movies because of the clothes! Wouldn't it be glorious to wear the hats from Emma?! Or how about the dresses? Okay, so maybe everyone isn't as crazy as I am, but this post is going somewhere.

While in a quilt shop with my mom, I found some adorable fabric that I had to have. I passed it up, but my mom took down the name - Hartfield by Barbara Brackman - would you believe it turned out to be named after the Hartfield - home of Emma Woodhouse? How, in hundreds of bolts, did I become attached to the Jane Austen era reproduction fabric? Just luck, I guess (or maybe I've watched the movies so many times I can spot it unknowingly?). Well, my mom, being so sweet, bought me the Hartfield Jelly Roll and two yards of the purple "Longbourne" (that I found at the quilt shop). It has been sitting on my shelf for over a month, just begging to be used. So, this weekend, inspired, I cut it up and made myself a new purse! It is lined with the Longbourne, has three pockets, and is fully reversible, with three pockets on the inside. Not wanting to waste a scrap, I made a business card holder, checkbook cover, and mini/traveling knitting roll as well - out of nine strips, meaning I still have thirty-one left!

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Now for the question, do you think this would make a good diaper bag/large purse to add to our shop? Would it be better in a bigger or smaller size? Every one would be unique.

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  1. It's about the right size for a diaper bag, but diaper bags need more structure - not sure how you could manage that. For a purse, I think it should be smaller. Definitely cute, though.


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