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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ottawa, Canada

Thus far, our Memorial Day Weekend travels have taken us to the capital of our northern neighbor. It is odd to think that from our home in upstate New York, we are closer to the capital of Canada than that of the United States. Therefore, Josiah and I packed up a few things and took a day trip to Ottawa to make the most of such an opportunity. Ottawa was impressive. It is a bustling city full of beautiful architecture, a fabulous farmer's market, and busy streets. We had the extra advantage of going during a regular work day, and therefore avoiding weekend and holiday crowds.

Our primary photos were of Parliament Hill, which was magnificent. The stone structures were impressive, and we happened upon it right as their clock tower struck noon, and then chimed the tune "O Canada" and then "God Save the Queen" (at least, that is our best guess).

We also strolled around Major's Hill Park and admired the view and the tulips. Our final destination was a walk through ByWard Market and a gander at all the crafts and flowers of the farmer's market. Even though we just made a day trip of it, Ottawa was a memorable city, one that we may make the drive back to soon.


  1. How BEAUTIFUL!! I want to go! My only Canadian experience has been to Vancouver, BC. The pictures are great, thanks for sharing!!
    ~Michele from By Your Side

  2. Welcome to Canada!! I haven't actually been to Ottawa though I do live in Canada. What's funny is that where I live, when Canada has a holiday lots of people go to Grand Forks ND for the holiday. "The grass is always greener ...?"


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