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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Behind the Scenes: Whimsy House

We would like to introduce Molly of Whimsy House this week.  In addition to her whimsical goodness, Molly has two other shops, a fabric and notion shop called Fabric House and a brand new vintage shop, The Vintage Flirt.  Molly has been one of the great, encouraging sellers we first met when we started our Etsy shop.  Not only has she been encouraging and cheerful, but she also was our first customer, purchasing one of our little blankets for her nephew.  So, without further ado, enjoy learning a little bit more about this busy and talented woman (and don't forget to enter the giveaway too).

Hope - Felt and Fabric Yoyo Posey Brooch $8

1. What inspired Whimsy House?  My best friend gave me a bracelet a couple years ago for Christmas that was just gorgeous and artsy and wonderfully handmade.  She found it on Etsy.  I fell in love the moment I started browsing around the site and I instantly knew I wanted to be a part of it.  I had just started staying home more with my girls, slowly letting my interior design business dwindle because I didn't want to put them in daycare, so Etsy became my sanity saver and Whimsy House was born.   My grandmas were both crafters.  My Grammy was always experimenting with different art mediums.  She is definitely the one who gave me the courage and confidence to just go for it!

2. Where do you find your supplies for Whimsy House?  Everywhere!  I love to work with vintage, old items and scraps from my interior design projects.  I find the whole concept of "upcycling" intriguing and much more fun than going to the craft store and buying new stock.  I often shop Etsy for supplies along with flea markets and thrift stores, garage sales and antique malls.

Shades of Sage and Olive - Fabric Project Pack $4.25

3. Do you have a favorite medium to work with?  Again - old stuff!!  I adore fabric but don't know how to use a sewing machine so everything is hand stitched.  Vintage buttons, however, are my latest favorite if they can be considered a "medium"

4. What does your daily routine look like?  Now that's a tough one!  Since it's summer now we are able to start the mornings slowly.  My girls,  2 and 5, wake us up and we go from there.  Check email and Etsy, feed everyone,  shower and get ready for the day.  The mornings are play time and email returning/shipping time.  When Sophie  goes down for her nap and lunch is done I try and squeeze in crafting and listing time.  My older daughter, Elle, loves to craft and will usually pull something out to work on or play with my supplies.  Then it's dinner and craziness when my hubby and 14 year old step son get home.  Time for some wine and grown up time, maybe another listing or at least some browsing on Etsy, TV time and hit the sack!  Now of course lots of days involve errands and gymnastics class and laundry and all that stuff but that would be how I would love each day to run - dream on!!

5. When you were a child, what did you want to be when you “grew up”?  A mommy and a teacher (would never do that now - I'm so thankful others will!).

vintage italian tapestry clutch purse

6. What is something you cannot live without?  My family and friends.  Red wine and good cheese.

7. Do you have a secret indulgence?  Trash TV - pathetic, I know.  I love "Brothers and Sisters" and  "Gray's Anatomy."  My all time favorite is HBO's "Curb Your Enthusiasm"... hoping the new season will start soon.  And if I ever make it out to a movie I over indulge in movie theater popcorn - my mouth waters just thinking about it!

8. What kinds of things to you shop for on Etsy?  Everything!  I always go to Etsy first for gifts and I search supplies quite often too.  I love to support Etsy sellers - truly the talent is amazing (not to mention the prices!)  I've been trying to buy clothes there too (not an easy task for me, I'm much better at dressing houses than myself!) and I discovered Creole Collection and her many other shops as well.  I'm addicted to Wendy's style plus she is so super easy and fun to work with.  I also by soaps and lotion.  Really, I think I always shop Etsy first!

Fanciful, Fun and Funky - Vintage Findings Necklace $16

10. Do you have a favorite purchase or two?  So many... I simply can't choose!  Ok - here are a couple: Cherries  from Metro Station and her thread art is amazing!  I have lots of those pieces too and I adore them!  I check her shop daily... she's so talented. And Hope the Brown Bunny - Mixed Media Assemblage  from Folk Art Vision.  I bought this for my mom last Christmas and I had a hard time parting with it.  I love bunnies!!

Lakeside Bloom - Vintage Findings Ring $10

Now for the fun part, Molly is generously giving away one of her beautiful Whimsy House rings (valued up to $10) to a lucky winner.  To enter, simply visit any (or all) of Molly's shops:  Whimsey House, Fabric House, or The Vintage Flirt and come back here and leave a comment with your favorite item.  To earn extra entries you can do the following, just make sure to let us know:

  • Follow our blog
  • Follow Molly's blog 
  • Tweet this giveaway
  • Send a friend and have them enter
You have until July 8 at 9am to enter.  Winner will be drawn later that afternoon.  Good luck!


  1. Great feature!! Love her shops - can't imagine trying to manage 3 of them though.

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    well it is my namesake and all:
    katie - leather collage bracelet cuff

    great interview...thanks for sharing Jennie. :))

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    am I a follower of you? I'll have to check!

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  6. It is so hard to pick just one thing of Molly's!

    Here is just ONE of mine...WESTERN SILVER BLOOOMS...

    Pick me, pick me!!

  7. I love the Funky - Vintage Button Ring!

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