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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Americana Quilt

My newest goal, to post {nearly} every day.  So, on those days I don't have much to write about, you'll find a photo.  Here's a little quilt I finally finished and sent to my newest nephew.


  1. that is beautiful!!!
    on the only quilt I have made I accidentaly made a mistake right at the end. My hand slipped and I cut the very edge after I was done! I even took it to a quilt shop to see how to fix it without it looking aweful and they had no suggetions. I had stars in my pattern, and then it came to me to add some stars "patches" on the quilt. Some of them I wrapped around the edge and onto the back, this way I was able to cover up the cut on the bottom edge. It ended up looking so cool and took the look of the quilt "out of the box" that it usually has!
    You will have to try it sometime! =)

  2. This tiny picture doesn't do it justice! I wish all your Etsy followers could see just how well made your quilts are :)


  3. Wow, that quilt is both lovely and gorgeous! I've never seen one like it. The fabrics and shapes go really well together.

    Florrie x


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