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Monday, August 24, 2009

Long Awaited Arrival

A couple months ago we ordered a dining room table and two chairs that we'd been dreaming about for almost a year.  Sometime last year we discovered a little Amish furniture shop.  The owners aren't Amish, but instead work with several Amish communities in Ohio to create unique bedroom and dining sets, as well as other pieces.  As they explained to us on our first visit, the communities generally specialize in one or two pieces of furniture, for example: one family makes chairs, another tables, a third headboards, a fourth chests of drawers. That is where this little shop comes in, they will help you order the set you want, out of the wood you choose, and with the stain of your choice, to create a style all your own.

We are slowly working on furnishing our house, and decided a dining room set from this Amish shop was a necessity.  However, when given so many options, how does one narrow it down to one set?  The limitless choices are almost overwhelming, but after much thought and discussion, we finally decided.  We chose a set of chairs that were available in the shop, and then customized a table to go with them.

We decided this will probably be the only dining room set we'll ever buy, so we made sure the table shrunk nice and small and expanded to seat eight, so it will always work.  There was only one tiny problem, the top is the wrong shape.  Somehow, the builder got mixed up and we got a perfectly rectangular top, where it was supposed to have the short ends rounded a little bit.  However, we're getting another one, and get to keep this one in the meantime {yay!}.  Once again, we're waiting on pins and needles to receive the new one.


  1. We dearly wanted a Simply Amish bedroom set, but eventually decided that $10,000 was too much when we're still moving around so much. Someday...

  2. I love quality wood furniture. Very nice :)

  3. What a fun thing, I love love Amish furniture, it is so exquisitely well made.
    xoxo Agnes

  4. I love your Amish dining room set! The chairs are truly gorgeous! (Your dining room walls are almost the same shade of red as mine!)


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