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Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I've been doing quite a bit of sewing yesterday and today!  I wish I could say I was making cute things for the shop, but honestly, I wasn't.  Instead I was working on a little tote bag for my adorable nephew who is turning one tomorrow {better late than never, right?}!

I know my sister carries around a lot of his toys and books, that he only uses in the car, and they are always in her bag, making it heavier and bulkier.  I thought I'd make him his own little bag instead, that could be taken out to the car and left there, with toys, books, or whatever else he wants to pack around.  It is a sturdy brown corduroy, but lined with the same fun surf print that is on the "T" {she's doing his room in surf stuff!}.

Since I couldn't give the little guy gifts without sending a little something for his mom too, I made my sister this pincushion.  I love pincushions, and use them often.  Not only are they functional, but they're cute too!  My sister is new to sewing, so I thought she could use a personalized one {she's also getting a pincushion ring too}.

I'm really loving these little pincushions in all shapes and sizes!  We're considering hosting a pincushion swap...thoughts?


  1. That is a beautiful bag!! I really love it! I'm a simple girl and love warm colors, this is my style!
    You should offer customized bags like these in your shop!
    You are such a great auntie!

  2. A pincushion swap is a fantastic idea!! and those two little ones are adorable.

  3. Love the pin cushions!! I need to whip up one for myself before I swallow my pins! I alwas stick them in my mouth as I pull them!

  4. you have an inspirational blog, that is, if i am able to turn myself away from the computer, i could actually be inspired to *do something* .... your work is lovely ... can i join the pincushion swap; it's a great idea ....


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