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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Friendship Bag...

My Post Office is open for very limited hours, so I haven't been able to check my mail since returning from Florida. However, today when I went to pick up my mail from the past week the package I was hoping would be there was.

I was pretty sure that my Friendship Bag was in this big yellow box, but I had to wait until after my grocery shopping to even open it. When I got home I quickly dived in only to find the adorable things Angela made me and sent all the way from Italy!

Not only was the bag adorable, but she also sent a lovely lavender sachet {I heart lavender!}, a heart wreath with felted flowers, and a bottle of Italian wine {which I'm anxious to open...I have a special occasion in mind...}. So, now my living room smells like lavender and I'm looking for the perfect spot to hang my wreath and bag. I was beginning to wonder if this swap was really going to be a good idea, I think mostly because I lost my enthusiasm over the wait, but now I'm anxious to sign up for another swap, too fun! And thanks again to Angela!


  1. Oh.my.goodness!! What a sweetheart! The bag is beautiful and just knowing that someone in Italy made it for you is so cool! My MIL just got back from Europe and bought me a wooden cooking spoon from there and it has made me so happy everytime I use it! =)
    Enjoy that lavendar!

  2. Aw, I still love that idea.
    And that bag's so lovey, and the lavender sachet is so very sweet too. What a lovely package.

    I do love reading your blog, I find it really inspirational as I start to sew, and I just nominated it for an award: http://intrinsicallyflorrie.blogspot.com/2009/10/oh-my-second-award-d.html I hope you like it. :)

    Florrie x


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