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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Original Jane

Sometimes {er, more than sometimes}, I get sidetracked when I'm working on projects.  If you saw my sewing room, you might be surprised by the piles and piles of half-finished projects.  My overactive mind gets tired of one project long before I actually complete it.  But then, every once-in-a-while a spurt of motivation comes back and I finish a thing or two that has been sitting around for months.  Here is a photo {sorry it's a little blurry...} I took back in May of some bags I was working on - five to be exact.  Three of these bags got finished up and are {hopefully} being well loved by the ladies who bought them.  The remaining two {middle and fourth} have stayed in this condition since then...

However, this weekend I finished up the fourth one {just need to get enough light to photograph it} and am hoping to finish the other one soon.  Although I had grown a little bored of creating the same bag over again when I was originally working on them, my excitement is renewed after sitting dormant all these months.  I had thought maybe I was tired of the Hartfield fabric {because that is what my own bag is made out of}, but finishing this one reminded me how romantic it feels.  I have enough to make two more bags two, I just haven't decided when I'll actually start those.  For now I'll just enjoy the satisfaction of completing one.  It should be listed in the shop soon {feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions}.


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