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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Baby Project: Car Seat Quilt

Having a baby in January in a cold climate definitely presents a challenge: keeping the little one warm while we are out in the cold.  After doing a little research, I decided that an infant car seat was a must.  Between the snow and the single digit cold weather, being able to bring a bundled baby out to the car without having to remove layers before strapping him in the seat was a must {since little babies aren't supposed to wear snow suits while in their car seats}.  My next thought, then, was how to keep him warm without the extra bulk of clothes.  I saw these in a magazine and they looked like the perfect solution:

That is, until I discovered that for the safest fit {which is obviously the most important factor}, nothing is supposed to be between the baby and the car seat.  The next option, which seemed more practical, but less cute {and if my current idea doesn't work, will be our standby choice} was an over-the-seat pouch like this:

But, in the meantime, here is my current idea:

A quilt that attaches to the car seat.  I made it a little big, so it should keep out drafts, and figure I'll put a couple smaller blankets underneath, all tucked in {I will have to make those next week}.  I just see so many parents with these huge blankets falling out of their car seats {did I mention I woke up to snow this morning?}, that I figured there has to be a better way.

Oh, and if this doesn't work, I can just remove the ribbons and have a cute mini quilt...  I {heart} Bunny Hill fabric too!


  1. I've always had the opposite problem - the kids getting too hot in the car seats :)
    Do remember that car seats are VERY well insulated and your baby will be hotter than you are no matter the ambient temperature. Your blanket idea seems best - allowing for some air circulation but still keeping baby cozy.



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