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Monday, December 28, 2009


We had a lovely, quiet Christmas this year.  My parents and brother came up to our house {since I'm not supposed to be traveling anymore!} and we all enjoyed each other's company for a few days.  We talked, opened gifts, looked at magazines, cooked, and talked some more.  While it lacked the hustle and bustle of many homes at Christmas, we certainly enjoyed peace.  For a while there it looked like we may not be able to see my family...but it sure made my Christmas to get to have them here!

Now I'm wrapping up a few things in preparation for baby's arrival...just a few weeks to go.  I've made a couple cute things too, I just need a sunny day to take a few photos.  Any suggestions for baby things I should make in the next few days, something I'll wish I'd have done?


  1. Lots of changing pad covers... though if you get the waterproof pad fabric at Joanns you can cut that into squares to put on the changing pad so you don't have to change it sooo often.

    A grocery bag holder if you are going to use old bags for dirty diapers.

    Hooded towels?

    Good luck!

  2. Oh how exciting the next few weeks will be for you!
    I had a lovely little Christmas too. :) Glad you enjoyed yours.

    Florrie x


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