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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Baby Project: Kimono Sweater

I've never knit a sweater...I've planned to knit one, stocked up the yarn, even cast on, but never even came close to finishing.  However, I concluded that if I was ever going to succeed on a sweater, a baby sweater would be the way to go.  So, for the last several weeks, I've spent my evenings knitting...

After many evenings of knitting the pieces and then sewing them together {I really hate sewing seams...I try to knit everything without seams if possible}.  Although I still feel a little skeptical about setting the sleeves, overall, I'm very happy with the finished project.  I stuck to the 3 month pattern, and the size seems about right.  My only modification was sewing little ribbon tabs for the inside flap to button to.  I noticed that the side-snap onesies I have a little tab for the inside snap, so I thought it would work well for the sweater too, and it turned out perfectly.  Now I'm anxious to see it on the little guy!


  1. Jennie,

    It is adorable and just can't wait to see it on him as well!!! Love, Mom

    Did you seriously make that!!! That is so adorable!
    You are amazing!!!

  3. Oh this is SO cute! Good job! I love the gray. Your little one will be so nice and cozy.

  4. Oh its adorable and you look well! You have the glow, it wont be long now! God bless you and your new little one.
    Rachel's mom in law


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