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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fall-Inspired Mini Quilt Swap: Sent

Here is the mini quilt I made for the Fall-Inspired Swap.  I had a bit of a difficult time coming up with an idea for my swap partner as she likes bright colors and red, white, and blue quilts, but none of those things felt like much like fall to me.  However, on a trip to a quilt shop with my mom, we found a dessert roll of The Morris Workshop by Barbara Brachman for Moda and the oak leaves, vines, and colors seemed perfect, especially the reds and blues. I will be honest though, my mom designed and pieced the main block, I was just so stuck!  However, once I saw it together, I knew exactly what it needed, some falling leaves.

Instead of doing a regular applique, I put each piece on some white flannel and then quilted them both down using my darning foot.  I thought the flannel would help separate the leaves from the block a little bit, and give some added texture as well.  I then quilted the veins on the leaves free motion as well, to give them a crinkly look.  Finally, I washed the quilt, it just isn't the same to me before all the fabric shrinks and puckers a little bit!

I really enjoyed making this quilt and hope that my swap partner, Jessica, enjoys it just as much.  For more lovely Fall-Inspired mini quilts, visit the Flickr group.

P.S. My mom participated in this swap too, I think she's even willing to blog about it, so check back!


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