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Monday, February 22, 2010

Stash Project of the Month: February

I didn't imagine I'd get much sewing done with a newborn, but thought that maybe I'd at least get one project done this month.  Well, it turns out Baby is a little more demanding than I'd hoped {I barely escape to the shower during naptime!} and sleeps less than I'd wished {maybe two hours together!}.  But I keep reminding myself that everyone says these days pass too quickly, and sure enough, this first month has disappeared without even trace.

So, instead of creating anything new, I did a little organizing whenever I got the chance.  Since I hate to throw away scraps of any size, I decided to keep them all organized in zippy bags by fabric line, that way, should I want to make something {say, a scrappy pincushion?}, they are all there.  I also bundled the yardage I have as well, to keep dust out, since I never know which I'm going to use sooner or later.  The result was exactly what I was hoping for.  No more scrounging around, and no more missing pieces.  While I am not generally the most organized person, I really feel accomplished when I do finish an organization project.  Now, hopefully I'll be able to get a project done for March {which is almost here already}.

If you're joining me in this resolution, I'd love to see what your February project is, just leave a link in the comments!


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  2. Jennie: I am working on your DIY take along quilt project with my mom who is visiting. We love it your tutorial is so clear. We are having fun with It. I am using fabric from my stash, my mom got fabric from a store near your sister! Thanks for a great tutorial! D


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