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Monday, March 22, 2010


things you may not {want to} know about me, I:

1.  majored in Literature in college
2.  had braces at my wedding
3.  own a lot of purple clothes
4.  knit my own slippers
5.  painted almost every room in my house
6.  drive a stick-shift car
7.  love shortbread cookies
8.  decorate with my leftover yarn
9.  take hundreds of photos of baby
10. made my first quilt in high school
11. buy a lot of magazines
12. don't like to fly
13. live in my dream house
14. have a collection of Coach bags
15. wear earrings {almost} every day
16. have multiple green jackets
17. enjoy having candles around the house
18. don't like to drink water
19. wear bifocals
20. grew up near Seattle
21. write with colored pens
22. spent a summer working at camp
23. love tomatoes
24. have watched every season of Project Runway
25. eat at Panera whenever I get a chance
26. want to garden
27. today is my birthday of the same number

...where has the time gone?

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