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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Beating the Heat

I'm not exactly used to the heat {I currently live in northern New York, this time last year we still had the heat on...and it snowed on Mother's Day...two weeks ago}, so this weather in the 80s it a bit of a stretch.  The little guy and I have been staying inside with the windows closed, the ceiling fans on, and the little window AC unit running like crazy {and I ate almost that whole pint of sorbet, yum!}.

We also ventured out this afternoon to help a good friend purchase a sewing machine...I'm starting to rub off on people!  But really, I've been telling her for months that anyone can learn to sew, and she finally took me up on the offer, now her first quilt top is almost finished and her second quilt top is already cut out.  Well, my Beach Buddy {yep, that's what his shirt says} is napping, so I'm off to try to get something done {until I get too warm and end up on the couch again finishing off that sorbet...}


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