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Friday, October 29, 2010


Would you believe I've actually spent more time sewing than blogging lately?  Every chance I get I am rushing off to the sewing room to work on this or that project.  Sadly, this little blog has been a bit neglected.  Even when I do sit down to the computer, I find that I'm working on patterns or editing photos, but they aren't really translating into blogs...sorry!

Anyway, enough of my lamenting, I'm sure you're all much more curious who that custom coffee sleeve and Starbucks card are going to.  The winner is...

Teresa from A Needle Pulling Thread {have I mentioned that I love The Sound of Music? Every time I see the title I start singing: "sew, a needle pulling thread; la, a note to follow so; tea..." you get idea}!  This next week I will be making her a custom coffee sleeve and sending it off.

Well, I think I hear the sewing machine calling my name {if only Silas would hear his bed calling his!}.  Hopefully I'll have more fun stuff to show you on Monday.


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