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Thursday, December 16, 2010

In Use

I love looking at pictures of designers studios {I think most people do}.  Seeing all their supplies neatly stacked, organized, and ready to use is like being in a candy shop filled with beautiful and sweet things.  But what I like seeing just as much {if not more} is their space in a little bit of chaos.  If you do any kind of sewing or crafting, you know what I mean.  Fabrics, books, notions strewn everywhere.  The way {almost} any space looks in the midst of an actual work-in-progress.  So, that's what I'm sharing today.  I've been working on some fun Christmas projects, and this is what my room looks like:

How do you like to work?  Do you keep everything neat and orderly, or strewn all over the room?  Is there anything about organization {or the lack thereof} that helps or hinders your design process?


  1. CHAOS!!! My middle name when I am in the midst of a project....otherwise my obsessive/complusive disorder takes over and everything must be in its place - it's not easy living with both of me! Love and hugs to you! <3

  2. I can't work in cahos like that. I like my sewing items and fabric where they're suppost to be.

  3. My sewing area is definitely a mess right now. Been doing one project after another lately and cleanup will have to wait. :D I almost posted a pic of my area and typed a similar post the other day, but then realized one of my projects was too visible in the photo and mom reads my blog! Haven't taken time to take another one with it removed! Thanks for sharing your beautiful chaos with us. It means a creative mind is at work! :o)

  4. Thanks for sharing your room, I now know I'm not alone today as I sew in my crowded living room! :)

  5. Um, I don't have a sewing room. I have a sewing machine in my bedroom. It's not ideal, BUT it allows me to stash Christmas present projects easily under folded laundry or blankets!!



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