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Thursday, December 9, 2010



I probably spend way too much time browsing the internet and looking at pretty things.  I saw this post and am in serious need of a sewing machine cover now!  It will probably have to wait until after Christmas, since I'm so behind on my sewing as it is, but I really think my sewing room won't be complete without one.

However, I think it's probably time for me to get busy {since my little guy is sleeping in - probably due to the fact that he didn't sleep all night!}, and try to get some more work done.  If you're making gifts for Christmas, how's it going?


  1. Me too...but, I love oohing and aahing over pretty things! Thanks for the link. I love this cover!

  2. I really like the scarf on the link you posted. It is being added to my wish list of things to make. I wear lots of scarfs up here in Alaska. I have found so many fun little projects to create lately. I keep searching for fun cake / birthday decoration ideas for a 1 year old, 'cause Neal's first birthday is coming up in a few months. Any cute birthday ideas you see feel free to share :)



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