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Monday, January 3, 2011

Sewing Clothes

Sew Serendipity: Fresh and Pretty Designs to Make and WearI received this book from my wishlist for Christmas and I'm so excited to make something from it!  I've been wanting to sew some clothes for a while, but wasn't sure where to start {I even have some fabric stashed for this very purpose}.  But, not only does this book include some great patterns, there is an entire chapter on adjusting the patterns to actually fit.

The skirt chapter is great because most of the skirts are similar, which also gives the option of modifying and combining some of the ideas.  I'm also looking forward to trying my hand at one of the jacket patterns, because I love coats and jackets.

Right now though, I'm just enjoying paging through the beautiful photographs and designs and trying to imagine what fabric I might make some of them out of.  I think just absorbing the inspiration is often the best purpose for quilting books, magazines, and even blogs.  While I rarely make anything with the pattners {something that I need to change}, I spend hours looking at them and gathering ideas.  Do you know of any books, magazines, or blogs I should look into?


  1. I once read about a blog where this girl lost her job and started repurposing old clothes and making them into new things. It was pretty interesting, and very clever of her. I can't remember the name of it, but if I can find it, I'll come back and post the link.

  2. Okay, I found it. It's


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