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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Custom Brooklyn

This is our latest creation, a custom Brooklyn bag for an old friend.  The fabric is Botany by Lauren & Jessi Jung for Moda.  Even though our friend doesn't sew {yet}, she picked out the fabric and arranged the tiles, so hopefully it looks like she'd pictured.


I were going to wait to put the pictures on the blog until she received it, but since I keep forgetting to send it, I thought this might be motivation to get it out in the mail this afternoon.


Good thing my mom helped me get it done because otherwise the fabric would still be sitting in a neat little pile in my sewing room.  I have to say, it's always fun to see the bags made out of a variety of fabrics!  I'm pretty pleased with how this looks!

Fresh Poppy Design

P.S. I'm linking to Fabric Tuesday at Quiltstory!


  1. Love it! Where do you get your name tags to sew in?

  2. Pretty! Love the strap fabric!

  3. I love the color combination and this bag is gorgeous. I'm glad your mom helped you get motivated to do it!

  4. So sweet, I hope to be that good at sewing someday!

  5. Yikes, that is too awesome! What beautiful colors!

  6. Beautiful! It's more lovely than I pictured it!

  7. I thought that was your bag over on Quilty story! Looks good :)

  8. Oh, it is so pretty! I need to get sewing some bags soon! Thanks for linking up to Quiltstory!


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