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Monday, April 4, 2011

Adding Embroidery to Quilts

I've really been enjoying adding embroidery to small projects, but I think it's about time I added some to a quilt.  Do you add embroidery to quilts?  If not, are you interested in trying?  Would you be interested in some suggestions and tutorials to help you get started?

I really like doing a little handwork in the evenings, so I think working on some embroidery will be a great way to pass time and be productive.  Let me know your thoughts and what kind of things you'd be interested in embroidering!


  1. I'd be interested! I don't have an embroidery machine and the only embroidery I've done before is cross-stitch but I get the basic idea. Would be nice to see how others do it, choose patterns, trace templates onto the fabric and then stitch them out.

    I also wonder what sorts of quilts you'd put embroidery on - only wall-hangings or quilts that are meant to be decorative or if you'd put them on everyday quilts?

  2. I LOVE adding embroidery to quilts. I have two old favourites made about 5 & 10 years ago..one a Christmas one and the other a summer one in red and green. They are a combination of fusible applique and embroidery. They are generally decorative ones.

  3. I would be interested in tutorials! I love the look of embroidery, and would love to get some insight into the basics. I love cross stitching, and I can understand why you would love to sit down with something to hand stitch at night. Its so relaxing!

  4. I'm always open to any education, insights, tutorials.. ANYTHING that will further my quilting.. I'm pretty new at this, and even if it is pretty basic, hey, it can't hurt to hear it again, and maybe remember something you are skipping because you are just plain forgetting to do it.. little reminders help.. no matter what! Oh, and THANK YOU in advance.. I'm sure to get a LOT out of it.. :) big smiles here!

  5. I would love a tutorial on embroidery! I have never tried it, even though it LOOKS great! A little push in the right direction would be great!

  6. I love embroidery. It's perfect for times like you said, and times like now when I'm in bed recovering from surgery. I'd love to see it not only in quilts, but also maybe spots for it left in bags and such, for a little personalization...anyway, just my two cents'.

    Anything you do with it will be wonderful!



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