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Friday, May 20, 2011

19/52 :: Whistle

It turns out this boy loves flashlights {what kid doesn't}, so while looking for a kid friendly light, I found this LED glow-stick/flashlight.  Best of all, it has a whistle {it is supposed to be an emergency kind of light}.  Even better?  His dad taught him how to use the whistle...and he's pretty good.  And pretty cute while using it. 

Now, if only he'd have chosen to let me capture the picture in brighter light, there wouldn't be that flash shadow.  Anyone know of a good flash for my Nikon?  I'm not a fan of it, but it seems that having a separate flash would be better than the built in one or blurry pictures.  Suggestions?


  1. Never would have noticed the shadow if you hadn't pointed it out. I know absolutely nothing about photography, other than I can point and click my little digital camera!

  2. Hi Clara and Jennie!
    I just wanted you to know I just found your blog! It is great!
    In fact, today I shared it with all my readers on my blog!
    What a cute little boy!, reminds me of those days when our 2 boys were that size, such joy!
    Thanks for all you do!
    Take care, Leslie

  3. Have you heard of the Gary Fong products?
    My husband has this one and it helps a lot to get rid of shadows like the one in your photo:


  4. First a dahling buglet you have there....
    and second love to have you as a star guest at stashmanicure.blogspot.com YOU could showcase anything...loved your doll quilt for Laura..a dear friend of mine who is over the top happy of your creation...listen sweetie YOU ARE GOOD>..connect if you like....I am new follower...even added you to our blog roll...worth noting for sure toodles. x


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