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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Embroidery 101: Block One

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I know you've all been waiting for the first embroidery pattern, so here it is {download the PDF pattern here or the jpg image here}. Since not everyone is familiar with embroidery, I've tried to keep it simple. The flowers are done with the back stitch and the center dots are filled in with french knots, with the larger dots being a cluster of two or three knots.

The block is sized for 8 1/2" x 11" paper, and should be printed at that size, if you are having troubles, try adjusting your paper setting and setting the block to fit to page. The embroidery should fit right inside the white 5" square. Here's a larger view of the block:

Use a disappearing marker of your choice that you've tested on a scrap of fabric {remember, do not iron on your mark once you've made it, it could set it permanently!}. Then stitch along the lines and either rinse away or wait for the marks to disappear. To press the block, put it face down on a towel and press from the back, this will give the embroidery a nice finish.


For this block I used the lighter blue and lighter pink for the outer flowers, and the darker blue and darker pink for their corresponding centers. Then, I used the plum for the center flower and the yellow for its center. And, of course, the moss green for the leaves, stems, and grass.

Alright, now's the time to get sitching, I cannot wait to see the first blocks.  But, feel free to take time to practice too.  The next block will be published in two weeks, so there is plenty of time.  The linky will be open for two weeks and everyone who enters a blog post or Flickr photo of their finished block will be entered to win a cute little pair of embroidery scissors {make sure we have a way to contact you}!  Enjoy and happy stitching!

Don't forget to show and tell in our Flickr Group! Blog about making your blocks? Share your post here {Note: You must link to a specific post about the QAL, otherwise your entry will be deleted.}:

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  1. This is super cute - ok, time to go find some thread :)

  2. So excited! Time to get those blocks done! If only I could leave work now.... ;)

  3. Oh, so cute! Thanks for doing this!

  4. Well, I sorta skipped the block sewing stage...sewed one block and did the embroidery. =) Loved it! Thanks again!


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