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Monday, June 6, 2011

Embroidery 101: Questions??

Questions? Missed a post? Find the index here.

Well, I've made a good portion of my long move, our little family drove from Virginia to Washington, and after six days in the car, we're taking a little vacation in Washington before starting the next leg on to California.  In the meantime, you all have had some very good questions come up about the Stitch & Quilt Along, aand I am preparing an answer post for later this week.  So, if you have any other questions, please ask them here so I can answer them too.  I will do my best to keep the answers post updated too!


  1. So far, no questions. I wanted to let you know I love the simplicity of the block and I think it will lend itself well to the embroidery. Thanks again for the kit. If you've been to my blog lately you'll see I did screw up cutting the tomato stripe but Sewlux was great when I ordered another fat quarter so I got a couple of other things as well! Good luck with the move. Can't wait to see the next part of 101!

  2. No questions here - slowly making the blocks inbetween another project that has a deadline. Can't wait to stitch.

  3. I forgot you were traveling now! We jut moved from Massachusetts to Colorado a month ago and although we've done the take-a-week approach when my oldest was 6 months and loved it, we went for it in one stretch this time as our one year old does not like the car and was going to be upset about the trip whether it took 2 days or 5 days. Overall, not bad. I hope you are all enjoying the trip and the move! Amazing of you to stay on top of this project in the meantime, I must say!

    So far so good. I'm really enjoying it so far and am looking forward to the embroidery. I used to love embroidering but it's been a while since I've had my hoops and threads out!

    Index looks great. I'm sure I'll be utilizing it!
    Thanks and best wishes!


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