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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Embroidery 101: Running Stitch

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The running stitch is a very basic embroidery stitch and probably the easiest stitch to accomplish.  The stitch length can vary in size to create different looks for the same stitch. 

The stitches for this project will be small and even, to provide an accent to the back stitch. Running stitch is symbolized by a dashed line, it also indicates the size of stitches.  Following the exact dashed line is not necessary, but instead, it is more important to make the stitches uniform, and size will probably vary depending on the needle and thread used.

Bring the needle up at one end of the line of dashes {note: either weave the tail for the stitches into a nearby stitch or leave a long enough tail that it can be threaded through the needle and then woven through after the stitches are complete}.

I find it easiest to stitch a few of the stitches at a time.

I generally pull the stitches slowly until the all the double thread from the eye of the needle has passed through the fabric.

Then just pull the rest of the thread through until all the thread is slightly tight.

Repeat until all the stitches are complete, then weave the tail through the stitches on the back.

The running stitch is quite self-explanatory, and very easy to complete!


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