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Friday, August 19, 2011

32/52 :: Help Yourself

While Silas was napping yesterday I had out a box of crackers to munch while I was stitching. I guess I never put them away because a little while later, there he was, box in hand, munching away. I was able to get a photo, and I really love how big and blue his eyes look in this picture {now, if only he hadn't also drooled on his shirt...}.


  1. He's cute, and so is the bicycle I saw over at Sew Sweetness! Is it available to download? I'd love to stitch it up. I don't see it here on your blog anywhere, but I 'think' it's by you two!? Thanks.

  2. My daughter loves those, too! It's amazing how they pick up on everything. I can't eat a cookie and then go see her; she'll say, "Mommy I smell something. Chocolate." She's amazing.

  3. @dannyscotland, haha! I'm laughing about the chocolate thing, I used to do that to my mom! I'm just waiting for Silas to be able to talk better... ;)

  4. Yes, Jennie could always tell if I was eating chocolate, so funny! Silas does have beautiful eyes, I love the blue eyes of all my grandchildren. Cheez-it's are the best!! Dad was going to call and sing the M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E song to Silas but I said, better not!!! The drool is just evidence that he is still a baby!!

  5. Silas is a CUTIE-PA-TOOTIE!!
    Those eyes... so handsome!
    have a GREAT weekend!

  6. This would be a great photo to use as a place to start from in LillyQuilts newest project.


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