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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mug Rug Swap 5 (Sent)

And the swapping continues...here's the finished mug rug for round 5.  I used some scraps of a Hello Betty by Chole's Closet honey bun for this one, it seemed the reproduction fabrics were calling out to me {even though I don't use them often}.  And, of course, stitched my Garden Bicycle on the front.  I think I'm going to have to stitch up another one for me too!


The back is also made with honey bun strips left over from some Margaret mini-bags I had made. The theme this time around was Haiku, so I wrote a little haiku and then printed it on the back, it reads:

Summer in the air
Flowers on my bicycle
I won't go home yet

Not exceptionally clever, but it will do **wink**.


And, because no swap is complete with out a little something extra, I made this pincushion out of some Castle Peeps by Lizzy House scraps.  I kind of wanted to keep it {you know I adore pincushions}, but didn't have time to make anything else, so it is on it's way to a new home too.

I really hope this is something my partner enjoys.  And now, the toughest part of the whole thing: no more swaps for me until after baby's born!  Or at least until I get my works-in-progress under control.  We'll see how successful I am...


  1. It's beautiful! Your partner should be so happy!

    How long before baby?

  2. Great little projects. You have inspired me.

  3. What cute projects! I'm sure your partner will adore them. Have a happy rest-of-the week!

  4. I don't think I would be very good at swaps. I would have a lot of trouble giving something like this away.
    Your swap partner is very, very lucky.

  5. What great projects, but none as great as that little "honey bun in the oven"! Take some time to make something just for yourself!

  6. What lovely little makes! So pretty.

  7. That is so lovely Jennie! Although I would probably stick someone in the eye with a pin if it was mine and someone stuck their coffee mug on it - it would have to be hung proudly on the wall at my house LOL...

    And good luck with the no swaps. I tried to enforce that rule on myself too but that's when Kelly talked me back into the pretty {little} purse swap & unfortunately it was all over from there... hopefully you have more will power :)
    (although I have no bubby coming)

  8. OH Jennie!! That mug rug is WAY TOO CUTE!! Your swap partner is a lucky girl!!

  9. I do love it more than anything...thank you so very much! It is simply stunning in person! I just can't bear to use it so it is now hanging on my wall!


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