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Friday, August 5, 2011

Shopaholic: Heartsy

Maybe you've heard of it?  The site is kind of like a Groupon/daily deal sort of site, except all the vouchers you'll buy are for handmade products/supplies from independent shops on Etsy.  I signed up a while back when I first saw it on Sara's blog.  After several weeks of receiving their daily e-mails, I hadn't bought anything and thought maybe it was time to unsubscribe...until I saw that one of the daily deals was from the Portland Beanie Company {I'd wanted to buy her beanies before, but couldn't quite bring myself to shell out the $$}.

Photo from original Etsy listing

So, I decided that I'd use my $5 credit for signing up and splurge for a cute beanie for my little guy.  However, I ended up getting a pretty good deal {and a cute beanie for baby girl too!}.  It turned out that the cost was $20 for a $44 voucher.  If I signed up as a VIP ($7.99/mo + $10 credit) it would be $20 for a $54 credit, so I did.

Photo from original Etsy listing

Here is how the math worked:

Heartsy: $7.99 + $20 - $5 -$10 = $12.99 for $54 voucher

Beanies: $32 + $24 + $3 (shipping) = $59 - $54 = $5

Totals: $12.99 +$5 = $17.99

Not a bad deal for something I would have wanted to buy anyway.  Now, in all honestly, I will probably cancel the VIP payments before the next one is withdrawn.  There have been occasional deals for fabric, but other than a few handmade things, there isn't much I would buy.  But, I'll continue to keep my eye out for great deals.

Now, I'm not writing this to try to get anyone to sign up, but in case you're interested already and want to use me as a referral, I sure wouldn't mind, just click here {then, if you ever decide to buy something, I'll get a credit too!}.

Anyway, maybe I should do less shopping and more sewing....have a great weekend!

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  1. I was all excited about Heartsy when I first read about it, too, but like you, I haven't seen much I wanted to get. Maybe I'll get lucky like you did soon. I love the beanies--totally worth it!


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