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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Embroidery 101: Seed Stitch

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Seed stitch is a simple variation of the Running Stitch, and can be used as a fill stitch.  One distinction is the stitches above and below the fabric are different lengths, with the longer stitches on top of the fabric.  Therefore, the stitches will be closer together rather than evenly spaced.

Note: although several stitches can be stitched with one pull of thread, I found that stabbing the stitches in and out worked better for tiny stitches, as the fabric tended to separate too much if all stitched in a row {I hope that makes some sense!}.

Seed Stitch can be indicated by small dashed lines, or just used to fill any empty space.

Begin this stitch just like the Running Stitch, and make a row of stitches.

The next row of stitches should be opposite of the preceding row.

Continue alternating stitches until the desired area is filled.

Simple as that and you'll have a nice fill to an open space without the thread being too dense.


  1. Such a lovey blog....your work is beautiful....thank you too for calling by Mary Jane's TEAROOM!...
    Susan x

  2. Uh Oh This means I am behind again. I was all caught up and here I am again! Haven't even started the last one. Better get busy.


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