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Friday, October 14, 2011

40/52 :: Coloring

Well, I think it's official...my little boy, who isn't even two yet, has decided naps are no longer necessary. This has made for some very long days in the past few weeks. I still put him in his bedroom for a rest, but it just doesn't provide the same kind of break a nap does.  So, instead, I've been looking for things to occupy him while I try to do things like wash dishes, clean up, oh, and quilt!  His new favorite pastime: coloring!  He draws only on the characters, and loves to ask what colors he's using, and flip through the pages while he colors.

Oh, and if my blogging is slightly less regular, it is because I'm probably coloring too...


  1. LOL! How cute! My son stopped napping early on, too. Boy, I still miss nap time and he's "almost 5." (he skipped 4)

  2. Oh that is painful to hear! When my daughter tells me she's not tired, I tell her she does not have to go to sleep but she has to lie in her bed and rest. She usually falls asleep. I hope it's just a phase!

  3. Have fun coloring with your adorable little boy.

  4. Another budding artist! What a cutie!! Enjoy this time coloring together. They grow up SO fast!

  5. This is probably one of my favorite photos you have posted of your dear one! I would love to squeeze his handsome face!!!


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