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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Embroidery 101: Block Nine

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This is it: the final block in the Stitch & Quilt Along.  I am so pleased that so many of you have joined in and are nearing the finish line!  I will admit, I wondered if maybe this was a crazy idea and no one would actually want to participate...but I'm thrilled so many of you have!

Anyway, on to the final block.  This one is pretty special because my mom designed it just for the Stitch & Quilt Along!  We had been talking for a while and I was pretty set on wanting a cute bird for one of the blocks, but my birds were just plain funny looking.  So she drew this adorable one instead!

Download the PDF Pattern here or the JPG image here.


This block uses the new Woven Wheel Stitch for some of the flowers, along with the Lazy Daisy and French Knots. The ribbon is outlined with Back Stitch and then filled in with Satin Stitch.


This block also has great opportunities for customizing, one could easily add more or different flowers to the neck to make it unique!


Overall, I think it turned out darling, and it is one of my new favorites too. Check back next week for assembling the quilt top, and the opportunity to enter your finished top in our fun giveaway. {Note: you do not need to back/bind/quilt your quilt for the giveaway, but there will still be directions on those steps!} Feel free to share your block nine in the linky here, but there will be a separate linky for the finished quilt tops!

Don't forget to show and tell in our Flickr Group! Blog about making your blocks? Share your post here {Note: You must link to a specific post about the QAL, otherwise your entry will be deleted.}:

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  1. I better get busy and finish block 8. I don't do well with the satin stitch and I spent some time picking some out today - at which time I decided not to do it...just not worth the frustration. I do, however, like the double back stitch without the filling.

    Block 9 is cute!

  2. Oh no...already, I'm still working on the last one!!!! Sigh...I don't like being behind...where did that time go?!?!?!

    I like the birdie though. Hopefully I'll get my other one finished by the end of this week....so I can be on time with this one. =)


  3. Thanks again Jennie - I must finish block 8 - yikes!


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