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Friday, November 18, 2011

45/520:: Eggnog

Even though Silas is almost 2, there are still a lot of firsts in his life {and I suppose there will be for many years to come}.  This is his first taste of eggnog...and, as you can tell by the cute mustashe, he loves it!  I'm looking forward to all the great firsts that will come with this second holiday season!


  1. Awe...we're picking up our eggnog today...tradition when we put up our tree. =) He looks so cute...and that boy has some great jammies! =)

  2. He is a cutie!! Firsts are wonderful and even more so when you become a Grammie.

  3. My favorite, and most unexpected, first with my boys was the first ice cream headache. It is hard to explain to a little guy why his eye brows are trying to tie themselves into a knot. The minuteit passed he wanted "More".


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