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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

the Emma clutch (protoype)

I've been wanting to design a clutch for some time, so the Ruby market tote seemed like a great opportunity to actually do it.  But, before diving in, I thought I'd actually make a prototype...  Using some leftover Simple Abundance and Kona Chinese Red, I came up with this cute little clutch.  I'm actually using it myself right now too, to make sure it's really practical.  There may be a few changes to the final version, but I think you'll love it -  pictures soon!

{Oh, and speaking of the Ruby market tote, I've extended the linky until after the holidays...and everyone who finishes will get a copy of the new pattern for free...otherwise it will be in the shop soon!}


  1. I love this. Since I know my Tote won't be done I will have to buy this pattern. I have my purchase all set in my head for January anyway. Do you know when it will be done?

  2. That's a nice little bag!

  3. It`s very nice.Great job!!

    Merry Christmas-

  4. Looks great! =) I love the red!

  5. thanks for the peek - its gorgeous - now I have a big incentive to finish the market tote over christmas :)


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