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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I Joined a Quilt Bee

Yes, if you think I am crazy, you're right.  I've actually banned myself from signing up for anything else.  Anything.  This means I had to take a pass on the Doll Quilt Swap and the Scrappy Mug Rug Swap.

But back to the Bee.  Sunni is coordinating the Stash Bee {she's actually starting a Hive #4, if you're interested!}, and I'm a member of Hive #2, which started in February {I know, talk about waiting until the last minute!}.  So, here's the block I made for Miki {who is making a rainbow quilt}:

Lime seemed to be the color I could best make a monochromatic block from, so here is my attempt.  Let me tell you, this random piecing thing requires a lot more thought that just following a tutorial.  I think this block took me almost two hours to make!

I used Just Wing It, Castle Peeps, Ta Dot, and Flights of Fancy, they all seemed to go well together.  I put a little too much thought into the signature block...only to mess it up!  I  don't know why I put the word "by" on it...I wasn't even thinking!  I might make a new one {sorry it is out of focus...too dark, I'll snap a new photo in the morning!}...

So, there it is, first completed bee block. Bring on March!


  1. How do you find the time? :-) I like the block you made, and I think the colors definitely go together well. Someday I will have time to do my own crafty fun things again, too!

  2. I like the greens and the block. I am impatiently waiting for Hive #4 to get started.

  3. lovely blocks. Make me realize my stash is sadly lacking in pretty green! And you are overthinking your block with "by Jennie" It is perfect!

  4. It's lovely...sorry it took so long to make! =)

  5. Loving the green! Too bad you aren't in Hive 1 with me!! But glad you've joined up!


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