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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Two sweethearts!

Two of my sweet grandchildren (my daughter Rachel's little ones), Tommy and Chloe!

This is the only way to travel. A little blurry, it's a phone picture, but it's one of my favorites! Brotherly and sisterly love, the sweetest!

A yummy breakfast of silver dollar pancakes, made by Mommy. Notice the toys on the table, we always allowed our children to have a special toy with them at all times, I guess my daughter does the same!

Having fun playing at the park! This picture was taken just a couple weeks ago, nice weather in the South.

Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. They are so cute! Holding hands in the car?! I NEVER held my sister's hand!

  2. Pictures of love. Thanks for sharing, they are adorable!

  3. That is so sweet! I love the shot of them holding hands, too! My daughter always has toys at the table, but we were never allowed to. Funny how we're not always the mom we imagined we'd be. I'm glad I'm not though, I always imagined I'd be much more strict. Your little ones are adorable!


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