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Friday, April 20, 2012

Garden Steps :: Embroidery Extras 2

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I'll start off with a bit of an apology...I know block four is overdue, but I will be getting back on schedule!  Thanks so much for being patient and understanding, life is a little wild here at times.  I should have it ready by Monday, but, in the meantime, I thought I'd show the extra embroideries I've done for block three.

Some of you may not have seen the finished block three yet {I just realized I hadn't updated the post until today}, but here it is {and I've reopened the linky for another week...since I'm behind, that way anyone who didn't get to share yet still has time}:

For the extras this time, I just added a couple little lazy daisy flowers, a vine, and a few french knots.

I may go back and add a little more, but with such a detailed center embroidery, I thought less detail on the outer edges would be better.


Happy Stitching!


  1. Just a little bit! Just perfect! You are inspiring me to get out the embroidery.

  2. So pretty! I really love the fabrics you chose for your quilt. I still haven't posted any pics of my progress so far: 9 quilt blocks pieced, finishing embroidery on block 1, and in the middle of embroidering block 3. Yes, I skipped block 2 for the moment. I got a little crazy with filling in the embroideries with colonial knots and satin stitching, so it's taking me a really long time. In fact, I satin-stitched petals on block 3 all the way from NC to ID by plane a few days ago, and still haven't finished. But I'm hoping it will be pretty once I'm done.

    This is such a fun project. Thanks so much for coordinating and hosting it for us!

  3. I just got my pattern traced on my block.

  4. So sweet! I just finished block three last night and enjoyed it immensely!

  5. I am lovin' the extras you have addded to the blocks this time around!! I just finished up my blocks from the last stitch along. Got my fabric and am ready to start the Garden Steps!

  6. beautiful colors! And the little embroidery is just darling. Nice work. It will be a beautiful quilt. Linda

  7. I just finished Block three...and I never mind a little extra time between patterns! Cheers!

  8. This is a really cute block. I like all the blues in the fabrics :) :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  9. These little extras are precious!


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