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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Cafe Wrap Dress Review {Fresh Produce Clothing}

This is a sponsored review, all opinions are my own.

You may remember, I received an e-mail a while back about doing a clothing review.  Since I received primarily positive feedback {though all feedback is appreciated}, I decided to go ahead and give it a try {but don't worry...this blog isn't going to become a review blog...there's still lots of quilting and sewing to come!}.  The clothing company is Fresh Produce Clothing.  Their clothes is made primarily in the USA, which I was excited about!  You can read more about them here.

After browsing their site, I realized they had some lovely dresses, so I chose the Cafe Wrap Dress in Fiji, here are their photos:

And this is me in the dress:


I made sure to wash and wear it a couple times, that way my review would be accurate.  I actually love this dress, it is comfortable, easy to wear, washes well, and the wrinkles even fell out after I left it in a pile on my dresser for a couple of days {that's just how things go around here sometimes!}.


I ended up wearing a camisole under it because I'm petite and the dress is not {the website clearly states that the clothes is intended for 5'4" to 5'8" - and I'm only 5'2"!}.  However, I found the fit very accurate and flattering. I ordered my usual size and was pleased to find that it seemed true to size.


While my usual attire is jeans and a t-shirt, I prefer to wear skirts or dresses for their cool, comfortable, and feminine appeal. But, as you may know, it can be difficult to find casual dresses.  This one seemed a great combination of dressy and casual.  I wore it to church one weekend and out running errands the next, without feeling overdressed.

Now, the burning question: Would I buy this dress with my own money?  Yes!  I am actually considering trying another one of their styles because I love dresses and I love clothes that are easy to wear.  If you're in the market for some new clothes I suggest you check out Fresh Produce Clothing:

And, even though they're a US based company, they ship to over 200 countries worldwide...so there's something for {almost} everyone!


  1. The dress looks fabulous on you! That is a perfect pattern...I love wrap-around dresses, they are usually so comfortable and easy to wear! Off to check out the site and the patterns!

  2. That's from fresh produce? Wow their stuff has changed, in a very good way! I love that dress, I'd wear the heck out of that!

  3. Great dress! There is a Fresh Produce store at the mall here and I've never been inside. I think I should go have a look!

  4. I always worry about looking overdressed, too. I almost never wear dresses or skirts, even to church believe it or not. Sometimes in summer I'll wear dresses/skirts, but in winter I just get too cold! This is a really cute dress. I think it looks really good on you, too.


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