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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Garden Steps :: Block Six

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Wow, we're half-way done!  I hope you're all enjoying the blocks.  Now, just a few housekeeping notes before we get to the next block {please read this carefully, it will help us all out!}:

I've received several e-mails that people cannot download the PDFs, yet, it seems that some of you are having no problem.  Any thoughts/suggestions/ideas on this?

Also, we are officially two weeks behind schedule, but the schedule has been updated to reflect this, and I am aiming for another embroidery next week, to help us catch up!

Finally, several people have also asked if it is too late to join, and the answer to that is, of course not!  We're always welcoming new stitchers.  Hopefully we can all make some friends and stitch and quilt along together!

If you have e-mailed me regarding the stitch and quilt along {or anything else really...}, I will get back to you...I just find between sewing and my babies, I sometimes forget to answer e-mails!

Now you can download block six here!

My mom designed this one, isn't it cute?  I'm still stitching frantically, but wanted to get it out before it gets dark.  I will update with my finished block tomorrow!  Happy stitching!

Don't forget to show and tell in our Flickr Group! Did you blog about the quilt along, your fabric selection, or threads? Share your post here {please link to a specific post or Flickr photo}:


  1. I love block six. It's so sweet.
    I finished block one last night so I am catching up. Yay!

  2. Thanks Jenny and Clara, another lovely design. To print your patterns, I have to download the file and then it prints without a problem. I think in the past, I wasn't completing the download. Now it works great!

  3. Already?! I just got block 5 done.



  5. It's amazing you get as much done as you do! This is so adorable.

  6. Beautiful! I love the coors!!! xoxo Kim

  7. Another beautiful block.Thanks!!


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