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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Little Baby Bibs {Tutorial}

I hope I'm not being redundant by posting a second bib tutorial {you can see Kim's guest tutorial here}!  I wanted some smaller bibs for Norah, just to catch the drool...because this girl drools like crazy!  And, of course, I wanted them to be cute too, so I used some scraps, pieced them together, and came up with these bibs {you can download the pattern here!}.

I ended up buying some Shannon Cuddle/Minky locally and it is so soft {much better than the JoAnn minky I had before}, but it creates lint like no other!  Here's my easy method for making the bibs:

Helpful Tips:
  • I found it creates less lint if I just use one rectangle and brush the lint off the edge.
  • Trim the curves and turn it over the garbage can!
  • Top stitching 1/8" from each seam creates great lines of texture on the back too.
  • Make sure your Velcro is closed before washing to avoid them catching on anything


And here is my adorable model!  My mom especially liked that her hand is on her hip!


And even though this picture is from April!!  I thought it was too cute not to share!

If you make any bibs with this pattern, be sure to add them to our Flickr group too.


  1. oh so precious and the bibs are so sweet, too!

  2. The bibs are darling, but the model steals the show ;-)

  3. That is a great idea!!

  4. Those bibs are adorable. And your little model... well, she's just too cute! ;)

  5. Ack, so cute!!!! And actually big enough to catch some of the drool (Elena drools like a fiend! No bib I have is big enough.).

  6. Cool drool bibs ! I think your model is gorgeous!

  7. Totally adorable model. Sweet bibs. I participated in a bib-a-thon a few years ago with a friend. She belongs to a charity called Touching Little Lives and the members make quilts, booties, bibs, and everything else you can think of for newborns in need. We used flannel.

  8. Love this....thank you for sharing!!!

  9. beautiful, love the scrap fabric in that kind of project, have a good week end


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