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Monday, August 6, 2012

Making for a Quick Sew

I have been cutting and stacking my squares for the granny square quilt I have been working on. This is much quicker for me. I simply place the cut squares in the order I want to sew them in and then place the layers of squares on a small cutting mat. This way I can move the mat around and put it on my table right next to my sewing machine.  There are some wonderful mini design boards I have seen but have not made one yet, although I do have the supplies to do so!

Sewing them in the chain sewing method is so much faster than each square individually.

 I have also learned that there are many, many names for the granny square block. It is so funny when you realize that everything old is new again.

I am enjoying seeing all the variations on so many blogs, I am really glad I decided to join in on all the fun, if you haven't begun your own yet, you may just want to!


  1. I use my mother's vintage cookie sheet to hold and transfer my blocks! Not as fancy as a design board but it works and brings back happy memories!

  2. Love this idea!! So organized!! xo Heather

  3. Great idea - such a time saver and avoids mixups!

  4. That's how I make mine! So quick and efficient!

  5. Don't you just love chain stitching??!! :o)
    Your method looks fabulous!

  6. I love chain stitching, but never thought to do THIS!! You are so smart! Thanks for sharing! :)

  7. Thanks for sharing that. I was doing a granny square yesterday, and got "lost" in the strips!!!! I prefer to strip piece. but that does keep them all uniform. I'll refer to your diagram later when I pick that up again.

  8. I chain stitch my blocks too, otherwise it takes forever. The only problem I have is sewing them in the wrong order, and I only do one block at a a time!!


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