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Friday, September 14, 2012

More Clothes Sewing

In light of my successful blouse making venture, I am going to sew myself some more clothes {hopefully I will get them done in a reasonable amount of time too!}.  I've stashed some fabric that I think will be perfect for a few new pieces:

Fabrics: Little Folk's Voile Coloring Garden by Anna Maria Horner, Flea Market Fancy Posy by Denyse Schmidt, Echo Moira by Lotta Jansdotter.

I also picked up some more patterns from Serendipity Studio because I was so impressed by the book that I figured they were a great place to start!

Patterns:  Fashion Formula Skirts, Diane Kimono Dress, The Bebe Dress.

A few of you have mentioned or e-mailed that you're interested in learning to sew, as it is a little different from quilting, and we've decided to give a few lessons {my mom is a very talented seamstress, and she is going to share her knowledge, tips, and tricks with us!}. 

So, please let us know what kind of things you'd like to learn: more about patterns? serging/finishing edges? gathering? pinning? marking?

Leave your questions below so that we can get to work on some great tutorials and posts started!

Oh, and just to leave you with a smile for the weekend, look who is getting so grown up:

Sewing More Clothes


  1. Great choices of fabrics! I've used that voile and the FMF before and love them both. :)

  2. I would like to know some tips on fitting a pattern to your shape. I am short, but big on top and more full in the middle, as many of us get as we get older. I don't know if I have trouble picking the right size pattern or if it's alterations to the pattern for my size. Any suggestions would be appreciated in this area.

    1. I agree. Knowing how to alter the pattern in certain areas would be great to know.

  3. Marking and fitting patterns to your body shape. I have wide hips but a small top.

    And I have that kimono pattern, even the fabric to make it, but I never finished it. :(


  4. I would love if your Mom (Hi Clara!!) would maybe do an apron tutorial! I would love to make some for Christmas gifts and need all the tips and tricks I can get! Love the FMF fabric!!

  5. I have made a skirt and tunic dress from her book, and both times I must have measured myself wrong, because it was too small both times. I have big hips, that might be the problem. Can you do a thing on that? And the best way to finish your garment if you don't have a serger. Should you press your seams open or zig zag stitch them? I need to learn button holes too.

  6. Serging and finishing edges.

  7. I was sewing garments before I quilted, so I do know how, but I'm so happy that the younger generation is learning now! For a while it was just so much more expensive to sew than to buy clothing, I was afraid the art would die out!
    Your little guy is adorable!

  8. I love the pattern in the center. And, of course, your little sweetie is soooo cute! :)

  9. I have that skirt pattern! I just need to find time to make it... I used to sew alot of clothes when my children were younger but now I quilt!

  10. Your pattern choices are awesome, I LOVE Kay's patterns. I can't wait to see how they turn out!

  11. love those patterns and fabrics. I made the Bebe dress for my daughter & she loved it


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