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Monday, July 20, 2009

Maybe Someday...

...I'll live in a caslte like the one we visited this weekend.  Singer Castle to be exact, it is only accessable by boat, and is just beautiful.  Even if our time spent there was only a one-hour guided tour, it was worth the trip.  Styled after a castle in Sir Walter Scott's Waverly {a first copy of which was in the libary}, it was complete with suits of armor, secret passages, and a dungeon.
Although the structure was only finished in 1905, it seemed to take us further back in time.  It is the kind of place one only reads about in fiction, right before our eyes {and available to rent for the night for under $1,000!}.  We tried to take lots of photographs, but our tour companions often made it difficult.  However, we were still able to capture a quite a bit of it.
If I were to have the fortune to live in a castle someday, this would be the kind I would hope for: on a lovely island, remote, and flooded with daylight {except maybe the dungeon}.  I think maybe as a follow up I will have to get a copy of Waverly and read about the places that inspired this architectural wonder.
Who knew there were such amazing castles to be found in the US?  And practically in my back yard at that!


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