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Friday, July 17, 2009

Simply Home: Slipcovers

Welcome to my newest column: Simply Home. I am kind of a Martha-Stewart-wanna-be when it comes to my home. I'm lucky enough to get to live in an adorable Cape Cod house for my first home-owner experience, and I've put some extra work into decorating it too {so, please bear with my cottage style}, but, with the military, we won't get to be here forever, so I've done my best to make my decorating as affordable and versatile as possible. In this column {which will run the Fridays I have something to write about} I'd like to show you some of the little things I've done that you can do at home too, to give your home a little style without breaking the bank {I'm sure all of you have very stylish homes though!}. If you have any tips or ideas, please e-mail me and I'd be happy to share some of them on the blog too! So first off, my white {slipcover} couch:

Alternate View 

I love Pottery Barn style, and am always browsing their catalogs.  For the past several years, they've been displaying white sofas and I wanted to get that look.  So, I picked out this Ikea sofa at a fraction of the price {just in case - we're not the neatest couple on the planet} and have to say that, a few years later, it was a great option.  We haven't noticed too much wear and tear on the cushions, but the slipcovers have been amazing.  Chocolate, coffee, and a variety of other things have been spilled on this sofa, and yet they've all washed out with a little stain remover {in my home washing machine!}.  I've also noticed that after a few months of sitting around they start to look a little worn, but they wash up like new.  And, for an easy change, new slipcovers are available for reasonable prices as well.  So, if you're considering a slipcover sofa, I am pleased with mine, it didn't break the bank, and doesn't look too lived-in at all!  What a great way to make life easier, a sofa that is wash-and-go {just make sure the cover is machine washable, some of them are not}.

{Now I just need to figure out something for that empty wall...maybe a wall-hanging? vinyl decal? picture? Suggestions welcome!}


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