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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Country Girl at the Market

I went to the local farmer's market yesterday.  I live in a small-town area, so it was a small market, but I enjoyed it nontheless.  I grew up in the busy suburbs of Seattle, full of rainy days and parking lots, so the bustling farmer's market is still a new experience for me.  I feel like I should trade my purse and sunglasses for a basket and straw hat, just to feel like a country girl at the market.  I try to base my purchases on my nose: peaches, blueberries and Italian bread; eyes: summer squash and zuchini; and loves: fudge, sushi coin purse, and pomegranate soap.  It was fun to shuffle through my wallet for bills and coins {instead of those plastic cards I seem to use everywhere else}, pay the vendors, and stuff my bag-less purchases into my purse without getting receipts, entering pin numbers, or signing anything.  Days like this {in spite of my usual feelings} I do want to be a country girl after all.

1 comment:

  1. I love farmer's markets too!!!
    you should come to my blog and sign the petitions so we can still havethem in the future!! Hope you are well!!


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