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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

From my home to yours {a giveaway}

I love my little home. When we decided to buy a house in 2006 {little did we know, right as the market was about to head downhill} I thought it would be just that: a house. You know, one of those places to live where you have a yard {and therefore have to mow}, a driveway {to shovel snow off of}, a washer and dryer {to keep in good repair}, and your very own place {to paint, clean, and fix up}. Yep, one of those non-apartment places that really just equal more work.

But when I found our cozy cottage house, in the little village we hoped to live in, it just fit. Almost three years later, I cannot imagine living anywhere else {which makes things difficult since we have a move in our future}. It has been such a joy {and occasionally a chore} to have our own place. We get to do all sorts of fun things, camp in the yard, play darts in the basement, paint our bedroom yellow, and install new ceiling fans, just to name a few.

One of the other things I really enjoyed was making new pillow covers for the throw pillows on the couch and recovering the cushions on the wicker chairs {that every visitor seems to want to sit in, rather than on the couch}. I found my leftover fabric the other day and though I'd make up some cute coasters to go with them.

And, for the giveaway, I'm going to send one reader a set. They're reversible, each has one stripe side and one paisley side, and are made of decorator weight fabric, so they're sturdy and will help protect any surface you use them on{and even if these don't match your decor, you could always give them away too}. To enter simply comment on this post with one thing that makes your house/apartment/condo/etc. feel like home by midnight of Tuesday, August 25th. Oh, and if you send a friend to leave a comment, I'll give you an extra entry. Make sure I can get in touch with you if you win {if your blog or profile have your e-mail, that's great, otherwise leave it in the comment, or leave your Etsy name, or you can send me an e-mail to keep it private!}. Check back next Wednesday for the winner.


Congratulations to Heather at The Penny-Pinching Mama!


  1. Found your blog through your Tweet. Love your work on etsy! The book has been a great help to many, including me. Great to have found a fellow textile lover.

  2. love the fabric on your chair!
    Um...I love how paint has helped make our cold townhouse feel like a warm inviting home.
    Ah-the power of paint! =)
    Hope you are having a great day!

  3. My kids make my house a home and of course the comfy couch!

  4. Those coasters are just lovely.
    What makes my home? My guinea pigs- three lovely little girls who are always happy to see me,- my dad's paintings- he's such a good artist and I'm lucky to have his work in my room- and all my random creative junk, from flower arrangments to bunny ornaments, no where is left with out something to give it character.

    If I said just one it would be my dad's artwork, and I'm adding to the collection with my own now. :-)
    Florrie x


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