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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Under Construction :: Adding Bliss

A package of books arrived from Amazon.com yesterday, including one I ordered to help me make this blog a better place.  I saw it on the Bunny Tales blog last month, and have been thinking of adding it to my ever expanding library of books.  Well, I finally ordered it last week and have anxiously been waiting for it to arrive, which it did yesterday.  Since Josiah spent the evening helping a friend move, I spent much of it paging through my lovely new book, which, I might add, is beautiful just to look at, even if you're not trying to learn something.  So here it is, Blogging for Bliss by Tara Frey.

I hope to learn a lot about blogging, and make this blog a more friendly, readable, and exciting place.  So, I've decided for now to scrap all of my other blogging ideas {unless there is something you'd like me to keep, in that case, please let me know}.  So, it's time for some more honest, and hopefully blissful, blogging.  Also, I thought I'd share some of the lovely blogs I found in this book {and others I love too}, so make sure that you stop by the Blissful Blog of the Week {in the upper right column}.  This week is Tara Frey's blog, so be sure to check it out!

So, I hope you're interested in joining me on this blogging journey, and stop by tomorrow for a little giveaway too.

P.S. The fabric in the background is a project I'm working on for me, I'll have some photos {and news to go with it} soon!


  1. I like the shopaholic feature!


  2. B - will do! I have a few more things already, I'll post again starting next week.


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