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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Shop Expansion {a giveaway}

My mom and I have been considering expanding and changing our shop a little bit, and we'd love your input. You'll notice a new poll on the right sidebar with a few options for things we're considering adding to our shop. Here are our ideas:

  • Mini Accessories - Little card cases, wallets, checkbook covers
  • Smaller Bags - Purses, mini totes,
  • Clutches - I've been wanting to design a clutch
  • Table Scarves - Table runners and scarves of various sizes
  • Placemats - Both patchwork and solid
  • Blankets - Flannel blankets, quilts, and mini quilts
  • Bibs - In a variety of sizes, shapes and colors
  • Patterns - Sewing and/or knitting patterns you can use to create you own items
  • Something Else - What would you like to see in our shop?
So take a minute and visit our Etsy shop and look around, then let us know what kinds of things you'd like to see, either by leaving a comment or answering our poll. For taking the time, we thought we'd give away a little sample. I made up this little card holder {for business, credit, discount cards, or cash, or whatever else you'd like to fit in it} out of some leftover Charisma fabric {matching bag here}, and I'm giving it away to one of our lovely readers.

And the winner is...Jill!
Thanks to everyone for entering!

{Winner for the last giveaway posted on the original post.}


  1. I think the mini accessories are a great idea. They make perfect small gifts. They also will sell alongside matching large bags.

    I would also love to see headbands. knit or fabric, love them all!


  2. I am following your blog :)


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  4. I am all for the Table Scarves and Placemats!! I luv homemade items for my kitchen/dining room :)

    Another idea might be Coupon holders!

  5. Oh! I love the little business card holder! I need to get more cards and that would look awesome!
    I think the card holder and things like that would be a GREAT benefit to your company as they could be less expensive. Don't get me wrong...your items are AMAZING and high quality, so they are definatly worth the investment, but sometimes I think it is easy to see the cost first and not really look into the company more.
    The lower cost items could be a big draw for more customers and then they will see all of your delights!
    I hope that made sence!
    Love to you!

  6. ps. personally I am DRAWN to knitted items more than sewn! They are just so natual and raw! Beautiful!
    Great job on the items you knitted below too! Man, I need to learn!

  7. LOVE THE BUSINESS CARD HOLDER! I like vintage items and they seem to sell well on etsy. Good Luck! Jaja tjlburke at gmail dot com

  8. What a lovely little card holder! So sweet, and much better than pulling out just a plain plastic case when exchanging business cards.

    Florrie x

  9. Mini accessories sound great. I am always looking more for small gifts for friends.

  10. I think bibs would be a great addition maybe a theme to go with your diaper bags and paci clips. Your work is Beautiful.

  11. I love cute baby items, so socks, bibs and burp cloths would be cute. Thanks!