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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Baby Project: Lattice Blanket

I've had the yarn and pattern to make this blanket for quite a while.  I bought the kit sometime last year, and intended to make this blanket for a friend who was expecting.  Well, the baby was born and I wasn't anywhere near finishing the project {especially after a few mistakes that caused me to start over more than once}.  Instead of finishing, I decided just to take it out and store the yarn, and make it some other time.  A couple months later I found out that I was expecting, so I decided to try again.  I was making great progress, but also growing tired of working on the same project {I'm a quick project kind of person}.  Instead of finishing it as described in the pattern {Mac & Me has some great ones, including this one, and Leslie is so sweet and helpful too!}, I decided to just knit the lattice portion a little larger and leave off the borders.

I'm really pleased with how it turned out {and I have a little bit of the lovely Blue Sky Alpacas Organic Cotton left - can you believe that color isn't dyed?}.  Although I think the borders would really look nice, I don't think I would have gotten around to finishing it with them.  Of all the projects I've knit, this one was by far the biggest {and the only blanket}, now I think I need to work on some tiny hats and mittens!

1 comment:

  1. that is really beautiful...great job!
    I love paper too...i think it goes along with my journal passion!
    hope you are feeling well!


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