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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Shopaholic: Avie Designs

Boxed Stationery

I love stationery {and honestly, most other paper products too}.  I wish I was still as avid of a letter writer as I've been in the past {sadly, e-mail and cell phones have made instant contact so convenient!}.  Regardless of the frequency of my letter writing, I always keep a nice stash of stationery on hand, and try to send off beautiful notes, when I do happen to send them.  I think I've spent hours browsing stationery on Etsy, and came across Avie Designs early on {but finally got around to placing an order not that long ago}.

Avie's designs are unique and have a clean and fresh quality to them {and the paper she prints on is great quality too}.  I also appreciate the fact that her stationery sets are printed on recycled paper as well, so I am reusing paper.  In addition to stationery, you can find bookplates, calling cards, website cards, and invitations and announcements too.

Now, I just have to bring myself to actually using them, and not just admiring the lovely stash I've accumulated.  {I think Josiah cringes every time I go into a paper store, little does he know I have one at my fingertips every day.}

P.S. There is still time to place an order from Avie Designs and get it by Christmas, if you don't know what to get that paper lover on your list.


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